DPI Associates offers off-site training that allows trainees to get away from their different places of work to aid their concentration on the training. Our training service is effective in inculcating concepts and ideas with specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity and performance.

We facilitate training sessions in groups to help our clients understand their common objectives, assisting them in planning and achieving these objectives without taking a particular position in the discussion.

It is our aim to:
Support the goal of others as they achieve exceptional performance
Enable groups and organisations work more effectively, in collaborating, in order to achieve synergy.
Provide structure and effective processes in interactions, so that groups are able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions.
Enable group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements.

During our training sessions, we challenge trainees to apply their best thinking; we encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding and cultivate shared responsibility. Our subject experts draw on the knowledge of the participants and then fill in any gaps. We also identify existing knowledge, build on it and keep it relevant.

In our training sessions we:
Codify the purpose, scope, and deliverables of the training session.
dotContinuously remind the group of the objectives or deliverables of the session while ensuring that everyone is on track in achieving their
    personal and company-wide goals, within the time allotted.
dotCreate a safe and friendly environment where members integrate and feel comfortable enough to contribute ideas.
dotEncourage open-ended questions that stimulate thinking.
dotGuide the group through processes designed to help them listen to each other and create solutions together.
dotRepeating verbatim individual contributions to confirm understanding and ensure they are heard by the whole group.
dotAsk participants to evaluate the performance of the meeting to assist in continuous improvement.

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